Developed a new name and identity for a Sydney-based delivery service.

First Choice Dairy started out 20 years ago delivering milk and a few additional items to cafes, restaurants and hotels in downtown Sydney. At that time, most of the customers knew owner, Nick Viropoulos personally.  Over the years, FCD expanded their offering to 1000+ items yet even their most loyal customers only thought of them for milk.

The temptation was to create a corporate name and professional look & feel to emphasize the reliability, consistency and trustworthiness that customers were looking for. Exactly like all their competitors have done.

But during our interviews with customers, we discovered that the personal was a far more powerful symbol of quality service. The thing is that a delivery service is like a soccer goalie: no one notices when they perform flawlessly day after day, but if they make a single mistake, it effects everything. To a café owner, it IS personal because a missed milk order means no lattes for their customers that morning. They want a partner who cares as passionately about their business as they do.

So we highlighted the human aspects of the company using illustration, an informal tone in the writing and by introducing actual key personnel. Including, of course, Nick.

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