Target Baby

Helped reposition Target’s Baby category with Wieden+Kennedy.

Process involved focus groups with new Moms (and crying babies), a competitive review (of websites, store experience, & communications), immersion in a huge number of background research and a summary of the stages and experiences of first 18 months of parenthood (based on focus groups, Mommy blogs and timely personal experience).

Unfortunately I can’t go into some of the cool twists of strategy that we layered into the thinking  -but I can tell you that we found a great way to talk about this category that works on many, many levels.

Basically we moved from idealistic to realistic.

Target’s past baby work was centered on gorgeous imagery of beautiful Moms and happy babies. While still steeped in cuteness, the new campaign focuses more on the realistic moments that illustrate the chaos, humor and absurdity that make up the bulk of parenthood.

We also expanded our target to include the wider circle of caregivers including Dad, grandparents and even siblings.