I am a creative strategist with 25+ years of experience working on over 150 different brands.

I don’t believe that corporations are people but I know that brands can act more or less human and that it makes a difference to how people relate to a company and their products.

I believe it’s important for a company or organization to stand out. Not just look right and fit in, but behave in a way that is genuinely different. This can be in a big foundation-level stance or via a number of small, even tiny, gestures.

I believe in the power of interestingness.

I’m a trained qualitative researcher and am passionate about the power of creative development as a way to make a piece of communication more effective. This is because I believe communication is about the response it creates rather than the thing itself.

And I believe in a collaborative workshop brand development process -not so much for coming up with out-of-the-ballpark creative ideas (although, I’ve seen that happen) -but as a way to bring an entire company culture along for the journey.

I started out at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and trained with some of the best strategists in the profession.  Since then I’ve primarily consulted with dozens of agencies and clients in the US and Sydney. It’s been an ideal way to gain exposure to new ideas and different methods.

A few things I do along the way to the final brand strategy: Consumer & BtoB Research | Stakeholder Interviews | Competitive Reviews  | Secondary Research  | Creative Workshops | Creative Briefs | Strategic Presentations  | Mission/Values Statements | Manifestos | And the occasional Copywriting.

You can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile.