Mosier School

Strategic Positioning Research & Manifesto

Mosier Community School is a public charter K-8. My initial strategic involvement facilitating a teacher/parent/community workshops to help make some difficult budget cuts. This lead to a request by the board to conduct strategic research to help differentiate the school within the Gorge. The result was a manifesto and tagline, as well as a top level plan to tackle the research & discussion needed to move forward.

Volunteer Recruiting / Coordination

Since the school’s annual budget relied on parent donations (of time and/or money), we needed a solid understanding of the overall potential and limits of this income source. To help build this framework, I spent the following year running the fundraising and volunteer coordination of over 100 families and 17 different events. This involved the reorganization & re-energizing of fundraising efforts, including the introduction of online volunteer sign-ups (with automatic reminders), transparent updates via shared Google docs, regular meetings and the launch of a school Facebook page.

Our focus was to make it easy and fun to participate for everyone, with all communications in both English and Spanish, and monthly flyers that broke down tasks by volunteer type (eg heavy lifting, weekends, in class, etc).

With this shot of energy, we were able to raise $70K that year (which was $20K more than the 5 years previous or following).

Carnivals /Festivals

Fun Runs

Made For Mosier Auction & Dinner

Teacher Appreciation

Branded Products / Fundraisers