Gorge-Area Small Businesses

Since moving back to the Gorge, I’ve become a passionate supporter of local business. Most small companies can’t afford their own brand strategist and yet need their marketing budget to work far more efficiently than any blue chip corporation.  So I’ve developed streamlined packages for small businesses in the Gorge to quickly get sorted out.

Start Up Set Up
From a marketing stand point there’s never been a better time to be a small business. What once cost hundreds of thousands & months to create now can be done with free online tools in mere hours. This package gets you set up with the core tools you need.

Initial Strategic Consultation/Wordpress Website/Professional Web & Email Addresses/Business Cards/Facebook & Twitter Set Up
From $1000

Marketing Department
If building and updating an online presence gets in the way of the real work, I act as an internal marketing department -finding and publishing posts; popping up with a camera; and sorting out the stories that your customers are interested in hearing about. Includes ongoing strategic feedback and cheerleading.

Ongoing Facebook/PR/Strategic Execution/Events/Newsletters & Blogs
From $100-800 per month

Additional Services Include:

  • Strategic direction (create a clear strategy for your brand: assess your current efforts or identify a whole new route)
  • Competitive review (assessment local businesses and/or gathering ideas from other industries & markets)
  • Market research (gather honest feedback from your customers and a clear picture of your brand reputation)
  • Creative development (event ideas, promotions, posters, tshirts, etc)
  • Newsletter/Blog strategy, set up and/or ongoing writing
  • Naming
  • Coordinating with other creatives to bring your brand to life (designers, videographers, event producers, etc.)
  • Training your own staff to take over ongoing social media

Local Small Business Examples Include:


How do you create enough demand and grow customers in a town with only 430 people?  Incredible coffee & locally sourced food is a great start. But their marketing also builds on their role as “Mosier’s Livingroom” by highlighting all of little things that only happen in a small town coffee shop: favorite regulars; rotating local art;  games nights; open mics; farmers’ markets; and daily specials. Generally keep the buzz going by reminding folks of all the great reasons to drop in -and to not take it for granted.

Customer research & analysis; Website & Facebook presence; Photography; Events promotion; Newsletter; Ongoing Facebook management


When she started her practice, Kari needed a website presence. We chose a simple design to keep with the professionalism of the medical category. And then we added natural imagery to capture the Naturopathic elements of her practice, using photos of organic plants grown in her local family garden. The site was created within 1 day and can be easily updated and changed by her staff.

Website presence

“Emily was wonderful and easy to work with. She knew just the right questions to ask of me to create a product that I’m proud to have and feel represents me and my business. I would have never been able to do this on my own. She’s genius!” -Kari M.


Berry City sits on top of a hill in the middle of Hood River Valley with gorgeous views of both Mt Hood & Mt Adams. They grow cherries, pears and wine grapes -but no longer any berries. When the family decided to open their grounds to a few lucky couples for weddings, they needed a website and a new name.

Naming; Website presence; Copywriting

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your work, vision, creativity and resolution with all of this. You were able to land, listen to our story, assess everything and, from a neutral and professional lens, steer us where we needed to go.  You’ve given us tools to participate in the ever-changing times. You infuse your projects with passion, skill, creativity, simplicity and clarity.” -Jen K.

When Melanie teamed up with colleagues to write a book on Life Coaching, I helped her to identify key phrases for her chapters that could be carried over to business cards.

“Emily Reed creates connections that really matter to your business.  Her ability to easily synthesize a concept and create cohesion for a wider audience was priceless to my process.  Her instant creative insight, passion for your message and efficiency are brilliant.  She creates a momentum and ease around the hard stuff that really matters. Plus she’s just a joy to work with!” -Melanie M.


With a population of 430, Mosier doesn’t have a Chamber of Commerce or a Tourist Center. So we created this site to cover both of these needs  as well as to act as a “virtual bulletin board” for locals with info on the various organizations and upcoming events.

I also worked with the city council to create a separate official city website that allows residents to quickly and easily look up key info without having to pop into the office (which is only open in the mornings 3 days per week) -acting as an open office 24/7.


Leah has a kick-ass food cart, an amazing healthy/tasty menu and a couple of regular locations around Hood River. But she didn’t have a website. For the site we focused on making it easy for people to find her (with times & locations on the front page + a facebook feed for daily updates); spelled out her passion and dedication to local food (Farm to Cart!); and pulled together all the info you’d need for hiring out the cart for events.  Now no matter where the cart is, Leah has a permanent address and when a publication runs another fabulous article about Leah, they have a place to link to.

Website presence; Photography

‘Emily Reed was incredibly helpful in guiding me on how to market my business and move forward.  Through working with her I was able to find more clarity with my mission and how to present it to the world.  She really broke things down for me and helped me see how the completion of specific tasks would help me achieve my goals.  The main project we worked on together was a website for my business.  This was intimidating to me because I had no idea where to begin.  Emily showed me tricks and tools I would never have known about to make the site eye catching and easy to edit.  She has an amazing ability to analyze and understand your business and provides ideas and insight to help further your success.  I would highly recommend Emily and the service she provides! -Leah H.