Partnered with designer Chris Miller to update the Wonderworks website. What started as a simple website refresh grew into an opportunity to launch a larger community involvement campaign.

Wonderworks is a Children’s Museum supported by volunteers for over 30 years. During that time they have shifted to 5 different locations and had trouble maintaining a self-sustaining budget. This is primarily because, unlike most successful Children’s Museums, they have never owned their own building. While several groups had tried throughout the years, the current board is within reach of finally securing a permanent space.

So we have an exciting moment in local history and yet the current website did not address it. Here is an image of the the old site with the fundraising info is buried under the About Us section:

With the new site we wanted to not only bring this exciting goal to the front, but we wanted to use it in a bigger way -to build greater community ownership of this big step.

We do this by showing people that they can help even if they don’t have a ton of time or money. We pointed out that simply bringing their kids to the Play Station or renting it our for a party will help get us closer to the goal.

We also added tools to help people feel more involved: a Facebook fan page, a place to post photos on Flickr, recognition of donors, pictures of volunteers and participants at the events, a calendar of events, and an online store to buy tshirts and coffee cups (which not only supports the organization via sales but also helps to get the word out).

We wrapped this all up under the campaign rally cry that will build over the next two years -appearing on cars and in the windows of local businesses.

Since the launch of the new site, attendance of the PlayStation has increased by %70 and, more importantly, upcoming events are designed to recruit and involve new people vs simply raise money.